Bless your lucky charms with our Lucky Leprechaun slots tips

We show you valuable tips and tricks to get more out of Lucky Leprechaun slots
Lucky Leprechaun is one of the best Irish luck slots out there.

And that's a pretty bold statement. The genre is packed with high-quality games from world class developers. And then we have the big daddy of them all: the legendary Rainbow Riches. But lucky slots fans are coming to a stark realisation. Lucky Leprechaun slots is actually better in many ways.
It's clear developers Microgaming took a winning formula and made it even better. So it's no surprise that this online slot is gaining more popularity with each passing day. And in this short article, we show you some tips and tricks to get more value out of your gaming sessions. Grab your four leaf clover and let's dive in.

Leprechaun Secrets

If you want the chance to crack that leprechaun's pot of gold, then follow these tips. Quick note: these following strategies aren't specifically designed with this slot in mind. In fact - you can use them in any game. 

Want to win big? Bet big - This may seem pretty obvious. But many new players fail to understand this simple point. If you bet small, you are only going to win small amounts. Sure, you could luck out, hit the free spins and turn those pennies into pounds. 

But what if you started with pounds in the first place? Up your betting limits and you could produce more valuable wins. And with a 1000x total stake to play for in the Trail' O Fortune, high stakes gameplay is recommended.

Set aside a gaming budget - One way to get better value out of your gaming sessions is to manage your budget better. Hit the free spins and won a tidy amount of cash? Don't just plough it all back into the slot. Withdraw a portion of it instead - and play with the rest.

Comfort is key - In this age of modern comforts, playing a slot with a mouse and keyboard seems ancient. But this slot game provides several options to make your life more comfortable. First of all is the option to play on mobile. 

Lying up on your couch tapping a spin button is the definition of modern luxury. And it beats slouching over a desk slowly destroying the left trigger of your PC mouse 

If you do insist on a desktop or laptop computer, then you can also use the autoplay function. With the slot spinning automatically, you can enjoy some of the finer things on the internet. Like cat pictures. 

And there we have it - our best Lucky Leprechaun slot tips. But before we leave you to try these strategies...

Can you cheat the leprechaun?

You may find shady online resources speaking of  Lucky Leprechaun slot cheats. But we suggest you ignore these and move on. First of all - it's impossible to cheat a slot game. Gone are the days of mechanical slot machines and archaic hacks. 

Modern games are programmed with an RNG component to ensure results are random - and fair. More importantly, even if you could cheat a casino - you would end up in hot water with the law. 

If you want to show that leprechaun whose boss, we recommend the old-fashioned way. Robbing his pot of gold by beating him in the slot! You can try this game right now at Pots of Gold Casino on your mobile, tablet or PC device.
Beth Walker

03 Jan 2020