Gonzo's Quest Slots Tips, Strategies & How to win

Unlock the secrets of the jungle with our easy to use tips.
Gonzo and his quest has enchanted millions of players over the years.

And in the game, you help the stocky conquistador gain entrance to the hidden treasures of El Dorado. Gaining access also helps you out - as you lap up the free fall bonus with up to 15x multiplier. But is there a way to change your fortunes further using Gonzo's Quest tips?
While we can't magic you a way into the games deepest treasure troves - we can help you to get there. And with these strategies, you will also find that you are playing in a far more comfortable way. Let's crack open the gates to El Dorado and dive right in.

Gonzo's Quest Strategies & Tips

#1 Don't use your real money: This first tip might have you scratching your head at first. How can you play a slot without using your real funds? Well, that's where free spins and no deposit money comes in.

You will find all sorts of offers that will give you the chance to play this game for free. Best of all? If you can meet the wagering, you can even win some real, withdrawable money

#2 Win big by betting big: Upping your bets in the Gonzo's Quest slot gives you access to the games biggest prizes. But if you choose to play at the lowest possible bet, you will always encounter smalls wins.

Sure, you could get lucky and hit a really special big win. But more likely you will be faced with small and medium sized wins. Change up your budget and you could see some changes to the value of what you are winning.

#3 Speed up your play: Want to skip the normal spins and get straight to the bonus round? Well, you are going to need to speed up your gameplay significantly. You can do this in a couple of ways. First, you can set the autoplay option to play the game for you.

Typically, you will find options to stop the automatic spinning on a bonus round activation. Alternatively, you can also set a fast spin option in the settings. And if the game still isn't fast enough to get to the bonus? Then press the spin button manually.

How to win Gonzo's Quest slots

There are resources available on the web that will show you how to win on Gonzo's Quest slots. Or so they claim. The reality? There's no way to truly guarantee success on this NetEnt slot classic. Every spin is random - with no way for you or the casino to fix the results.

Unless someone develops a time machine, there's no way to predict the results of a slot machine. In a way, this is a good thing - as you know that every time you spin the results are fair. The random nature falls down to the RNG - which is a regulatory requirement.

This RNG (which stands for random number generator) ensures that all results are random. So while there is no way to technically cheat the game, there are other things you can do. Playing for free with bonus, changing your betting tactics and even speeding up can improve your gaming experience.

If you need more information about this game, then click over and read our Gonzo's Quest slots review. Or you can head over to the lobby to try these tips out.
Beth Walker

16 Jan 2019