VIP Blackjack

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VIP Blackjack - also known as the high stakes blackjack game, is a popular variant of the classic card game. In terms of gameplay, the core experience remains unchanged. 

But the greater betting limits gives players the choice to maximise their betting opportunities. If you're looking for unmatched thrills, then you will want to say hit to this game...

VIP Blackjack Strategy

The high stakes blackjack game plays out like a traditional game of live blackjack. You are dealt two cards by the dealer who will also deal themselves two cards. 

The objective of the game is to get as close to the coveted 21 hand value as much as possible. The hand closest to 21 takes the pot. An extra prize is also awarded if you are dealt a 21 from the initial deal. 

There are no side bets or jackpots to be won in the high stakes blackjack game. But there is an option to bet behind a player. Instead of participating in the match, you can choose to wager on the success of a player. A blackjack win, normal win or successful insurance bet will all result in victory for the player placing the bet behind bet.

While there is no way to maximise betting opportunities with side bets, the VIP Blackjack game has some of the highest betting limits. The setting is also themed in a luxurious way. A polished wood table together with an ornate background complete the opulent design. 

If you want to feel like you are being pampered in an appropriate casino setting, then the high stakes blackjack game is the live experience for you.

Playing the game is simple; Choose the number of chips you want to play in the betting area. You then need to click on your chosen betting area. 

There also options to re-bet the same amount (for faster gameplay) and the option to quickly double your bets. Overall, the controls and options make gameplay a fast and fluid experience.

Free Play VIP Blackjack

While this live dealer casino game isn't the most innovative blackjack experience - the increased reward potential does make it one of the most exciting. 

And then we have the room setting - which offers the luxury atmosphere you would expect from a VIP room. If you want a comfortable gambling experience, then we highly recommend the high stakes blackjack game.

Key Features