Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold

Play Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold

Feel like you won’t be visiting the strip any time soon? Then why not try the next best thing: Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold! This Microgaming Blackjack game is a stylish and luxurious game of cards that you can enjoy on any device. In addition, all of your favourite game features are present and accounted for.

How to play Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold

Pick your stake, click your betting position and follow the prompts - that’s all there is to it! The gameplay may be simple and what you are accustomed to from other virtual and even live Blackjack games - but the presentation is unmatched. 

Groups of people chat in the background, glasses clink and the graphics are exquisite - it’s almost if you have pulled up a seat in a Vegas casino.

In terms of gameplay, this is the game of cards you know and love albeit in a much more luxurious looking package. You can benefit from several game features in certain scenarios, like the insurance bet for example. 

If the dealer draws an Ace alongside his face down card, you can choose to place an insurance bet on your hand, saving your stake and maybe even netting you an extra win. 

Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold also offers the splitting hands feature; if you draw a pair of the same card then you can split them into two additional hands, guaranteeing twice the gambling thrills. 

In most cases, players prefer to split value 10 cards or a pair of aces. As you can see, this game of online Blackjack is a full featured experience.

Free Play Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold

If you want to experience a luxury game of Blackjack but don’t feel like hassling yourself with live dealer offerings, then this virtual game will tick all of your boxes. It’s just like being in Vegas, minus the thousands of pounds it costs to get there! You can try the game right now at Ireland’s favourite casino.

Key Features