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Live Roulette Online

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games ever, offering table players a variety of betting options. And when you play live Roulette games, you can experience this French classic in an authentic environment. 

At Pots of Gold, you can enjoy all of our live tables on all devices - letting you scratch that gambling itch whenever and wherever you feel like.

How to play Roulette and Win

A game of Roulette has two parts; the betting area and the spinning wheel. When a game round starts, the live dealer will spin the ball into the wheel. 

The game objective is simple; you just have to pick which pocket the ball will fall into! Place your bets in the betting area where you think the ball will eventually land. If you guess right, you win a prize.

The value of the prize is determined by which pocket the ball fell into. For example, a straigh up bet will pay far greater than an odds or even bet - but will also have the lowest chance of success. 

What makes this game so popular is the unparalleled flexibility; you can change betting styles with just a click. 

Live Roulette Features

Our Roulette games are provided by NetEnt Live Casino and Extreme Live Gaming; both offer crystal clear streaming from deluxe studio locations. 

In terms of the playing interface, the providers are tied once again - the games are incredibly easy to play no matter which room you pick. 

Play live roulette

If you love games of probability and chance, then Roulette is a great all round choice. For the ultimate game of odds however, you may want to consider one of our card games - like online Blackjack or even live Baccarat games

Whatever casino game you choose, there’s plenty of luck to go around at Ireland’s favourite lucky casino!

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