Live Baccarat

Live Dealer Baccarat Online

Enjoyed in casinos around the world and a favourite of Mr James Bond - live Baccarat online brings the king of casino card games directly to your mobile or tablet device. With its tight house edge and exciting gameplay - it’s easy to see why this casino classic is so fervently popular. 

And at Pots of Gold Casino, you can sample real money Baccarat like a true secret agent. Here’s what to expect in our live rooms.

Live Baccarat Game Features

Set in a deluxe studio and operated by one of our expert dealers - this live dealer game is about as close as it gets to a real casino environment. 

One of the perks of playing live games is the extra comforts available; for example, our online Baccarat games have a generous range of previous game outcomes available, letting you see how past games have turned out. 

How to play Baccarat and Win

The aim of this card game is simple; choose the winning outcome. And in total, you will have three outcomes to choose from - the player, the banker or a tie. 

If it sounds simple, it's because it is - this casino card game is one of the easiest to pick up. But how exactly are the hands scored? 

The system is similar to the way hands are scored in Blackjack; but in this game, the number 10 and face cards are actually valued at 0 points. The ace is a value of 1 point and all the other cards retain their face values. 

The best hand in a live Baccarat game is 9; if a hand is totalled over the number 10 - then the second digit will be used to score the hand.

Play Live Dealer Baccarat

If you love to play live Baccarat online then you will surely also enjoy the rapid fire and strategic game of online Blackjack games. Or you could try a true gaming classic in the form of online Roulette. Whatever you choose, Ireland’s favourite casino will be glad to entertain you!

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