Live Automatic Roulette

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Live Automatic Roulette is a roulette room offered by NetEnt. In traditional live roulette games, there is a chance for human error. Game rounds are also typically much longer. This auto roulette wheel addresses both concerns using innovative technology. And this makes the game perfect for players who want authentic action and reliable results.

How to play Automatic Roulette

When you play Automatic Roulette, you may notice similarities to virtual roulette. There are no dealers visible, unlike other live dealer casino games. Occasionally, you may see a member of staff perform some maintenance. But otherwise, this is a solitary experience. So why choose Auto Roulette?

For one, the game rounds are much faster. Thanks to the absence of a live dealer and the air technology powering the wheel, game rounds are reduced by 50%. If you want lots of opportunities for betting, then NetEnt's dealer-free game could be the perfect option. 

Secondly, with no live dealer - there's no room for human error. While our live dealers are professional and outstanding at their jobs, mistakes can be made. With a live automatic roulette wheel, the chances of mistakes are greatly reduced. And that means you can look forward to more reliable results. 

Controls-wise, placing bets is simple and requires little effort. Choose your stake from a range of chip options and then click on your chosen betting area. To help you make some informed betting decisions, there are two statistics you can use. You can view the hot and cold game pockets or a historical view of the past game results.

The Live Automatic Roulette game is played on a European wheel, one of the most popular choices with roulette players. This is due to the single zero pocket, meaning red/black style bets are almost 50/50. This is why low-risk betting strategies on these wheels are some of the most popular.

Free Play Live Automatic Roulette

If you want faster betting rounds and fewer dealer errors, then play Live Automatic Roulette. The game may remove the interactivity and authenticity of the roulette experience. But if you are only interested in the gameplay then this game offers an excellent mix. You can play Auto Roulette right now on your mobile, tablet or PC device.

Key Features