Golden Ball Roulette

Free Play Live Golden Ball Roulette

Looking for a competitive game of live roulette? Live Golden Ball Roulette fits the bill nicely with a unique tournament style mechanic. With the added golden ball element, there is also an opportunity to win big prizes. 

The game is produced by the team at Extreme Live Gaming. And this means the production quality and level of service are exemplary. But it's the main golden ball feature that really sets this game apart.

How to play Live Golden Ball Roulette

If you choose to play Golden Ball Roulette, you may be intimidated by the game rules. But it's actually incredibly simple to understand. In each round, one player gets to spin the coveted golden ball for a chance at a lucrative prize. 

And this spin happens every 20 game rounds. To be the recipient of the big money spin, you simply need to be the highest betting player in those 20 game rounds.

The game is played on a European roulette wheel - one of the most popular wheels to play on. This is due to the single zero pocket - meaning this game is close to 50/50 odds. And this is one of the reasons that the red/black, odds/evens style of bets are so popular on this wheel. 

In terms of game setting, the Extreme Live Gaming studio is modern and comfortable. An animated background adds some luxury and sophistication to proceedings. And depending on the time of day you play, this background could be showing morning light or evening sky. 

Golden Ball Roulette games have a reputation for having some of the most friendly dealers around. You can choose to chat with the dealer by typing in the chat window. 

The dealer is able to see what you write - and you could kick off a conversation! This interactivity is what makes live dealer casino games such a memorable experience.

Play Live Golden Ball Roulette

Golden Ball Roulette is perfect for any player looking to enjoy competitive gameplay. The added jackpot prize element also addresses one of the main problems leveraged towards roulette games. 

All in all, it's easy to see why Golden Ball Roulette is one of the most popular live dealer casino games. Land the golden ball on mobile, tablet or PC today.

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