French Roulette

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French Roulette is undoubtedly the most classic and timeless version of the spinning wheel game. It’s also considered to be the most fair, with one of the lowest house edges of any Roulette game. At Pots of Gold, you can play high stakes and low stakes versions of the game to suit your budget and gaming style.

French Roulette Rules and Strategy

In most Roulette tables, there are two primary elements; the betting area and the spinning wheel. You place your bet on the betting area, trying to guess which pocket on the wheel a small ball will fall into. 

This is the basics of the game - but you can get really creative about where you place your bets. Factor in Roulette strategies and its now wonder why this game (including live Roulette) is so universally loved.

One of the most popular strategies is the Martingdale. In essence, you play exclusively on the 50/50 options - for example red or black. If you lose a spin, you keep betting back double until you recoup the full value of your losses plus a little bonus. 

While sound in theory, the fact that this is not a 50/50 game and that bank rolls are often limited makes this an exciting strategy to try - albeit a flawed one.

At Pots of Gold, our French Roulette tables are equipped with numerous home comforts and options to help you recreate your ideal gambling experience. You could tweak the colour of the wheel, adjust the way your betting area looks plus much, much more.

Play French Roulette Online

If you want to experience the most authentic Roulette experience but would rather stay away from live games, then French Roulette is sure to appeal to your classic sensibilities. Give the game a whirl now at Pots of Gold.

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