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European Roulette vs American: what is the difference really? And are there really any optimal strategies to play? At Pots of Gold Casino, we take you through these Roulette games and will even show you a couple of best practices to play. Well we’re not just a beautiful lucky casino ya know, we’ve got the brains to boot!

How to play European Roulette

First of all, European Roulette is just another name for French Roulette - there are no other discernible differences par the name. 

On a French wheel, there are a total of 36 numbers plus the single green zero hole. On an American wheel, there’s the exact same amount of numbers - with one addition: the double zero green pocket.

That pocket is quite significant indeed; the inclusion of the pocket means the house edge is doubled, meaning that you are less likely to be successful. This is why many players prefer European Roulette (or French Roulette) over the American counterpart.

When playing any game of Roulette, the best piece of advice is to play on the outside of the betting area - where you will be able to place bets that are almost a 50/50 outcome. Move further inside and the odds begin to stack up - but with much greater rewards and gambling thrills on offer. 

A popular European Roulette strategy is what as known as the Martingale. Here’s how it works: let’s say you place 10 chips on the red position. If a black pocket wins, your next bet would be 20 chips. You lose again, so your next bet is 30 chips. And this incremental betting continues until you win - in which case, you return to your original 10 chip bet.

This strategy is effective because eventually one of those outcomes will happen, giving you the chance to recoup your losses and win a bit extra. The strategy is flawed however, as tables often set limits and your bank roll may not go on forever and ever.

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