Diamond Strike Roulette

Play Live Diamond Strike Roulette

Diamond Strike Roulette is a live dealer roulette game played on a European wheel. The table and side bet symbols are themed from the Diamond Strike slot game. 

The background, for example, crackles with electricity - just like in the slot. If you're relatively experienced with live dealer, you may also notice the slot game style reel above the betting table.

Live Diamond Strike Roulette Features

When the dealer starts a new game round in Diamond Strike Roulette - the virtual game reel will also start to spin, just like a slot. The symbols on the reels correlate to betting positions on the table. Simply place your chips on one of the symbols and you could win one of the prizes in the paytable. 

Due to the slot game nature of this reel, there is a much higher volatility involved. If you want a further way to maximise your betting opportunities, then the slot side bet is available to you. 

As this is a European wheel, there is a single zero pocket. This means that the Diamond Strike Roulette table features one of the lowest house edges - if you don't choose the side bet. 

There are no special requirements to play Diamond Strike Roulette. Simply choose your preferred betting area and place your chips. The game is generous with its options, letting you choose how you want to play. 

You can choose to bet on the classic betting area or use the mini area with popular betting choices. There is even a menu that allows you to quickly choose some common betting placements.

As this is a live dealer casino game, you can expect to receive exemplary service from the operating dealer. There's also a chat window where you can talk to the dealer while you are waiting for the next game to commence! 

If the video stutters on your mobile or PC device, then you can alter the quality of the video stream for smoother playback.

Free Play Diamond Strike Roulette

Live games often suffer from the lack of features they can offer prospective players. But Diamond Strike Roulette adds the option for slot game like excitement in a live dealer setting. 

This choice means table gamers can experience two emotions at once for maximum gambling pleasure. If you're looking for a hidden live casino gem, then look no further!

Key Features