Blackjack Professional Series

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The Blackjack Professional Series game is the ideal choice for virtual card game lovers. Featuring outstanding graphics and a cutting-edge user interface, it’s fair to say that NetEnt has created the perfect game of virtual Blackjack. 

How to play Blackjack Professional Series

To play this Blackjack game, simply choose your chip size and how much you want to bet. When the game starts, you will be prompted to hit, stand, split or re-bet as the game continues; the prompts are all clear and easy to follow. 

There are a total of three betting positions, giving you the chance to play three different hands at once. There’s also the opportunity to play with even more hands if the opportunity to split comes along. If you draw a pair of the same value card, you have the option to split the hand for even more gambling opportunities.

See that the dealer has dealt an ace to himself? You can protect half of your stake by placing an insurance bet. You can either choose individual hands to insure or insure them all. You can of course also choose to ignore the insurance altogether.

There are three total games of the Blackjack Professional Series to explore: low limits, high limits and standard - each of these games caters for different kinds of budgets. 

Low limits offers the best value action and is perfect for frugal gamblers, while the high limit table will give high stakes players a chance for maximum gambling thrills.

Free Play Blackjack Professional Series

NetEnt’s Blackjack game is one of the best virtual games out there - almost coming close to live Blackjack levels of excellence. If you don’t mind the absence of a live dealer and just want to play a relaxing and isolated game of Blackjack - then this is the virtual game for you.

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