Battle Mania Slots

Battle Mania Slots Review

Battle Mania slots is a fusion of RPG style video game elements and real money gambling. The game was developed by one of Microgaming's independent studios: Skillzz Gaming. Monsters, adventure and treasure combine in this refreshing take on traditional slot action.

In true RPG fashion, the player's destiny is defined by their choices within the game. Not only can you change your team to match your style - but you can also travel to distant lands. There are even boss fights which pack massive prizes to win.

How to play Battle Mania Slots

Before you activate the Battle Mania slots bonus feature, you will first need to choose your team of warriors. You have five choices of team setup - and you can choose your team to improve one of two factors. 

You can either aim for higher wins with less frequency. Or you can choose a higher frequency of wins with lower prize values.

Once you have picked your team, you can the start battling the hordes of monsters. Each of your five team members will be faced with an enemy - and you must reduce the enemies HP to zero in order to win. 

As you fire your spells, you will notice that coins begin to shake out of the monster. But you won't get to enjoy that loot until the monster is defeated.

On every game round - three types of cards can be drawn on to one of your party members. You can either pull a magic spell card, an ability card - or a skull card. 

The magic spell card is how you deal damage in Battle Mania slots - and it can hit for a maximum of 3 hit points. 

The ability card activates the characters hidden skill. This can range from instantly destroying an enemy with an arrow all the way to gaining an extra life. And finally: If you draw the skull card, then your warrior will be instantly defeated.

Battle Mania Slots Free Spins

To activate the bonus games (which include free spins), you will need to unlock new worlds or Islands. You can do this by collecting stones as you spin. New Islands will also unlock new features like boss battles and an enemy onslaught.

Both the Villains' Wave and Free Battles features serve as the games free spins round. In the former, you battle hordes of enemies with a crossbow, with each successive wave increasing a multiplier. If you reach the 5th wave, then you can look forward to a 10x multiplier on all wins.

In the Free Battles feature, you get 5 free battles with the chance to collect special treasure cards. On top of this, all battle rewards are doubled during the bonus.

There's also the Treasure Island bonus event which unlocks every 12 hours. If you choose to play on this Island, all of your wins will be boosted by 25% extra gold. After a certain amount of spins, the Island closes until another 12 hours have elapsed.

Battle Mania Slots RTP

The return to player on this slot is 94.75% - but the volatility is entirely up to you. Depending on the team you pick, you could play the game as a low variance slot or a more high variance one. This means the game could be compatible with a huge range of players and playing styles. 

This slot offers plenty of big win opportunities. The Boss Battle bonus on this first island alone can award 20,000 coins. Then there's the Lava Stones Pick with a max reward of 17,000 coins. But the biggest rewards are reserved for Treasure Island.

On this island, you can find the fabled magic stone card to loot the games most valuable win: a 100,000 coin prize. You also get to enjoy a 25% extra boost on all wins too for the duration of the event.

Our Verdict

Looking for RPG style adventure with all the rewards of a real money casino game? We recommend taking up your sword and playing some Battle Mania slots. While the removal of reels and other slot mechanics seems daunting - the battle system is actually fun and unique. 

There is a somewhat steep learning curve to be had here. But once you understand it? You will be downing monsters like the best of them. Give it a go right now at Pots of Gold.

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